Nothing embellishes home and singles it out among the others as artistic parquet flooring

Artistic parquet flooring that greatly differs from others……

Artistic parquet – it is the main element of artistic parquet flooring. It is wooden flooring consisting of countless separate variously shaped parts of different species of wood. Individual parts are brought together forming single entirety according to the designer’s idea.

Parquet Rosette – it is an element of artistic parquet flooring shaped as a composition. The element consists of several staves of different species of wood, and usually it is shaped as a circle, oval or another similar shape. Parquet rosette can be used when installing artistic parquet flooring in combination with artistic parquet or with ordinary parquet of separate staves of different species of wood.

Round parquet rosettes sometimes are called medallions, they can be formed while installing new parquet floorings, however, they can be also installed on already existing parquet floorings consisting of parquet of separate staves or of parquet boards.

Parquet border – it is an artistic decorative element of parquet flooring shaped in a frieze of particular width. The frieze consists of variously shaped parts of different species of wood corresponding to designed solution of parquet flooring or to stylistic interior solution of the whole room.

A parquet border is installed along the outer perimeter or within the inner area of parquet flooring with a purpose to make it more impressive and to highlight the style, or just to divide the room visually in separate functional areas.